Kiln Cast Glass

something fun to learn and play with, I am starting with simple, will embelish it more later
IF the picture has a border, it is a link, click on it for a larger picture.
None of these have been cleaned, there are straight from the kiln.

Kiln cast eliptical box, top piece embellished with Dichroic glass.  I should mention that I have not treated or polished any of these pieces yet, and they look alot better whe that is done, these pictures are straight out of the mold.

The following pieces were done on Dec 28-29th still learning, but enjoying it too, definitely not the "same old thing".

The frog above was a mix of red, blue and clear, total color used was 40 percent, might have been a little much, you can just see the red peeking thru sitting on a light box.  I think we should try that again, more clear, less color, or a more opal color.