Historic Saenger Theater

Pensacola Florida

Photos of amazing restoration of a great old Theater, which we were proud to be a part of.
Restoration of 14 hanging lamps, all bent glass,  22 -2 light sconces, and 6 -3 light sconces, and 24 Exit signs,
all brought back to their original beauty!!  Lots of pics of the building also.

the building, outside,  118  Palafox Place
all pics are links to larger views.

some of the lights, they had 3 hung before I left! there were 8 of these pan lights and 6 more hanging lights
below is how they looked in my shop, just filled the place before I left MI to deliver them.
I didn't take pics of all the boxes filled with sconces and Exit signs.

The pan lights attached direct to the ceiling. there were 8
the hanging fixtures were mounted to the cables that lowered them to change bulbs, there were 6 of them
The single large fixture needed only cleaning when I got there, no leaded glass attached to that.

I really wish I had before pictures so you could appreciate all the work that went into the way it looks now, and it isn't quite done!!
I'll post more pictures of the lights as I get them from the jobsite. Which has not happened as of yet,  wish I had someone in Pensacola that could shoot some pics of the light fixtures, they were really quite nice.

Two sizes of shades, same pattern different drop height for the bend, 18" and 20" diameter.
Wissmach 58D matched very close, with selective cutting and using the head ends of the sheets it worked great.  Below is a before shot.
With 14 fixtures, I don't think there was one shade that didn't need at least one panel, all pieces were bent.


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